Dear Mr./Ms:
First of all, I, Vũ Thành An would like to give my best wishes to our valued artists  
I am contacting you in your capacity as a widely recognized and respected author who has made - and continues to make - major contributions to the literary/artistic treasure of Vietnam. This open-letter is a nod to your stature and an invitation to join an organization I am spearheading which aims to compensate the artist the just value of his/her creations.

Following is a Mission Statement of the objectives of the organization, its raison d'etre, modus operandi and membership drive. 
Whereas concert organizers, singers, DVD/CD manufacturers and other organizations in The United States and in other  countries have exploited numerous venues and ways to earn profits off of the literary/artistic/musical works of notable Vietnamese artists while  forsaking any mentioning of a just compensation for their works.

Be it resolved that the time is long past due to form an organization whose express purpose is to protect all the legal rights that flow from these artistic creations. 

This organization shall be known as the Vietnamese American Copyright Association Inc. (VACA Inc.),  and is an association of musical, literary and artistic authors, referred to as its members. The purpose of VACA is to  protect copyright and other rights related to VACA Inc. members’ musical, literary and artistic works which are recognized and protected under the laws of and pursuant to the Bern convention (1980) for the protection of musical, literary and artistic works;
- Membership is voluntarily and members pledge to cooperate in any actions undertaken to protect their legal rights and interests;
- Members authorize VACA Inc. to represent them and receive copyright benefits and other related benefits on their behalf

Best regards
Mr. Vũ Thành An