This notice is sent to musical performance organizers, singers, CD/DVD manufacturers and related organizations, and all other present and future users of the products of the members of VACA Inc. (as defined below)

If you are currently using or plan to use the products of the members of VACA Inc., notice is hereby given that these products are  protected under the laws and pursuant to the Bern convention (1980) for the protection of musical, literary and artistic works, and that VACA, INC. is fully prepared to bring legal actions seeking financial compensation and all other available legal remedies flowing from  any violations of these laws. To prevent these potential, regretful, developments, we respectfully request that you notify us of your intent to use these products before using them and enter into negotiations regarding the payment of the appropriate royalties. 

VACA Inc. is an association of musical, literary and artistic authors whose primary purpose is to  protect the copyrights of, and all other applicable rights related to, the products/works of its members.
Members of VACA INC., are musical, literary and artistic authors who voluntarily join the association and pledge their full cooperation in any actions undertaken to protect their legal rights and interests.

VACA Inc. was licensed by the California Secretary of State on 25 November 2019.
Headquarters: 11562 Montclair Court, Garden Grove, CA. 92841
VACA Inc. has retained the services of Trương Phú Hòa, ESQ. as  legal advisor

Vũ Thành An